Was ist der Unterschied zwischen den verschiedenen Ashford Gatterkamm Webrahmen?

What is the difference between the different Ashford reed looms?

Many weaving beginners ask themselves this question. Ashford is one of the leading manufacturers, alongside Glimåkra, with three potential loom models to choose from. We would like to offer you some help in making your decision. Due to the size, variety and cost of the different models, it is often not possible for smaller weaving shops to keep all models in stock, which makes comparison difficult. In our Berlin loom factory , however, we have a selection of Ashford looms and would like to answer the most frequently asked questions about Ashford looms by comparing the individual models with photos.

Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom - the classic

This Ashford classic is characterized by its variety of sizes - 40, 60, 80 and 120 cm wide. The 120 cm size is particularly remarkable and relatively rare as a reed loom. Regardless of the size chosen, the loom is delivered as a kit and must be assembled, and the instructions are user-friendly despite being in English. The Rigid Heddle looms are particularly robust and stable and have an integrated second weaving comb holder - a clear advantage over the Glimåkra models. An additional special feature of the "Rigid's" are the pre-drilled holes in the back of the frame, which enable the warp to be warped directly with additional warping pins. The 120 cm model, for example, enables impressive warp lengths of up to 12.7 meters.

Another exciting additional feature for the Rigid Heddle models is the “ Freedom Rolle r”: an additional cloth beam that can be easily mounted on the front of the loom.

This enables the production of workpieces of even greater length and with thicker weft threads. Even woven pieces of double width or thick carpets can be produced with it. Flexibility is maintained: switching between use with or without the Freedom Roller is straightforward.

The 60 cm model is the most popular due to its practicality for transport and design freedom. From a width of 80 cm, but especially at 120 cm, transport becomes noticeably more difficult; carrying or storing is more difficult. This should be taken into account if you plan to transport the loom frequently. For the 120 cm loom, I strongly recommend purchasing a stand . In addition, the shuttle must also be guided by hand with the 120 cm version, which can become tiring in the long run due to the considerable weaving width.

All in all, we give the Ashford Rigid Heddle weaving loom a full score of 10/10. There are only a few serious competitors on the market. Glimakra's Emilia and Susanna models are comparable and are aimed more at customers who value Scandinavian pinewood, who find it important to buy an EU product - particularly because of the shorter delivery distance (keyword: environment) or who are bothered by the plastic wheels of the Ashford products and prefer the metal wheels from Glimakra.

Ashford SampleIt Loom - the beginner

The Ashford 'SampleIt' weaving loom is ideal for small sample and test projects and for those with limited space or budget. This is the most compact model in Ashford's range, with a frame depth of 47cm and two different weaving widths - 25cm and 40cm. It is inexpensive, comes in parts and is easier to assemble than the 'Rigid Heddle' models.

We at Berliner Webstuhl Manufaktur have a number of customers who have completed projects on this loom and have heard a few small advantages and disadvantages from their feedback. Overall, however, the loom offers a weaving experience that is very similar to that of the Rigid Heddle looms.

One of the relevant differences, in addition to price and weaving width: The compact size influences the seating options when weaving. Due to the smaller frame, other angles can be achieved when working at tables - similar to the Siru weaving frame from Glimakra. The angle is of course a matter of taste, but some weavers find the steeper angle on the SampleIt more comfortable. Due to the compact size, you can also work with the SampleIt in more comfortable positions, e.g. on the couch. However, there is also a suitable stand available here.

A possible disadvantage of the shorter length of the frame is the more frequent readjustment of the fabric (especially with larger projects), which occasionally interrupts the weaving flow. However, occasional breaks can also be beneficial 😉

Knitters Loom - the traveler

The “ Knitters Loom ” is characterized by its particular mobility. This foldable weaving frame comes with a practical carrying bag, making it the most expensive model compared to the other two presented here. It comes pre-assembled.

The "Knitters Loom" is available in widths of 30, 50 and 70 cm, with a constant depth of 60 cm. In addition to its mobility, this model differs from the Ashford looms described earlier in the square profile of the cloth beam - in contrast to the rounded profile of the other Ashford models.

For those looking for a wider loom, I recommend the Knitters Loom for its portability. In a direct comparison, I found the 80cm wide Rigid Heddle loom to be much bulkier than the foldable 70cm Knitters Loom, even though the difference in width is only 10cm. The biggest advantages of the Rigid Heddle loom are its convenience, flexibility and ease of use.

A matching stand from Ashford is also available for the “Knitters Loom”.


In conclusion, Ashford's loom models offer a wide range of options for weaving enthusiasts of all experience levels. The Rigid Heddle is the most versatile model and is the one that is most frequently ordered.

The “SampleIt Loom”, as the most compact model, is aimed at beginners and advanced users who want to implement test projects or those with limited space, and scores with compactness, easy handling and assembly.

Finally, the “Knitters Loom” is the ideal choice for the weavers among us who love to travel and do not want to give up their hobby while on the road.

Each model has its own strengths and therefore addresses different user needs. Our recommendations are based on comparisons and feedback from practice - there is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you are just starting out in your web career or are already deeply rooted in the subject, at Ashford you are sure to find the right model to make your web dreams come true.

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